Sunday, February 26, 2012

Saying East Coast Goodbyes: 1 of ____ ?

I'm leaving in just 3 weeks and the closer it gets, the more I realize how much I want/need to do before I leave! Between work, packing, getting the car prepped, etc. I'm not sure just what I'll be able to squeeze in.  It is getting here more quickly than I thought it would! My first goodbye adventure was this past Wednesday, February 22nd.  I realized that I'm not only saying goodbye to people but also some of my favorite spots (and sunshine).

Wednesday was Blind Pilot at the Grey Eagle.  First, I met my friend Mike for some grub at Lucky Otter. Mike and I went to school together growing up and, thanks to Facebook and it's ability to allow you to never keep any secrets, we found out that we both lived in Asheville.  This has come to be one of my favorite spots in Asheville.  I always order a big fat plate of build-your-own-nachos and one of their famous $4 key lime margaritas.  Mmmm....if it weren't 8:00 a.m. I'd go grab one right now! They also serve local brews, offer a nice wooden patio to enjoy sunny days and unique table markers (anything from a Happy Meal toy to a remote control car). This is a wonderful place to hang out, stuff your face and have a drink - all for around $10! I highly recommend!

After scarfing down food, we realized that it was about 2 hours from show time and that maybe it would serve us best to not be the first ones greeting the tour bus and waiting for Grey Eagle to unlock the doors and let us in. Or, as Mike put it more comically,"can you imagine us chest bumping, high five and a 'woo hoo! first ones here!'" Haha, point taken.  On to the Wedge we go.  If you do not know already, Asheville has been named Beer City for the past several years inclusive (yes, OVER Portland!).  The Wedge is one of the more unique breweries in town and is located in the River Arts District.  They offer amazing craft beer and an interesting setting.  It is located in an old warehouse and when walking up, you'll see a couple of games of corn hole taking place, locals and their pets and...well, really anything else.  You never know with Asheville! :) We each had a beverage there.  Mike had the Golem (which I recommend) and I had the Derailed IPA/Barleywine.

Finally, onto the show.  Meagan and J are running late and from the texts I received, "is Blind Pilot on yet?" "is it packed?" "now are they on?", I took it I would see them right before or after the show :)

I had seen Blind Pilot at the Biltmore with Jason when I was in Vancouver.  It was a much larger venue and we in the balcony trying to look down.  It was so nice to be right against the stage in a much smaller venue.  Grey Eagle is a more intimate setting and a great place to catch your favorite artists....or any artists at that. I met my coworker, Alyssa, there (I guess technically I'm her boss but I never could get used to feeling like a 'manager' or 'boss'). She had never heard of the band but was down to check out new music. Judging by her dancing and sweating, I'd say she had a good enough time!  As expected, Blind Pilot put on an amazing show with lots of energy.  Afterwards, I found J and Meagan and also got to chat with the band for a little bit.  This is a sensitive subject with Jason, so don't rub it in too much ;)

Thanks for a great night, guys! Hopefully we will have a chance to see each other again before I head out but, if not, you are always welcome to come visit Portland and please, please, please keep in touch! I feel a strong urge to use phrases I would've written in a yearbook in middle school; things like "K.I.T." (keep in touch) or "stay cool."  Cheers!

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