Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tess Is Moving to the West Coast...Portland to be exact!

So I am moving to Portland, OR in 4 weeks! I am starting this blog for a couple of reasons: to document my journey beginning to end as this is a huge deal, to help explain to everyone what in the world I must be thinking (as best I can...haha!) and to keep everyone posted on my travels!

I have always been a "seeker" wanting to see and do much as financially and physically possible (most of the time outside of my means).  I guess it is both a blessing and curse depending on who you ask and what day you ask me.  I have changed careers, gone through break-ups, moved apartments, moved cities...states...and, now, coasts! Career-wise, I finally have it figured out. I want to train and I want to do it well and I want to be one of the best.  Everything else is up for grabs.  Sometimes, I think, "Tess, you're 29, you should have it figured out" while most of the time I think, "Tess, you're ONLY 29! Take every opportunity you possibly can now." The latter speaks loudest to me.  So, here's my story:

Jenn and I were roommates at the end of college and after graduation.  She, God love her, knew exactly where she wanted to go to graduate school and for what...she wanted to go to Pugent Sound in Seattle, WA for Occupational Therapy.  I, too, wanted to go to graduate school.  I was determined at the time to go to graduate school in Arlington, VA for a dual Master's Program in Forensic/Counseling Psychology.  I was going to be the next Clarice Starling from Silence of the Lambs. I was accepted!! AND...I didn't go.  In the meantime, I also took the GRE 3 seperate times (rasing my score each time) and was accepted into 2 other Master's programs at different schools: School Psychology and Human Nutrition.  I truly wanted to get my Master's in Human Nutrition but due to the madness of student loan debt, it wasn't an option.

While I was working different jobs - everywhere from the District Attorney's Office to bartending to Social Services - I began personal training on the side and LOVED it.  I decided to move to Asheville, NC where everything is organic and artistic.  Jenn and I have always kept in touch.  She went on to get her Master's in Occupational Therapy and moved to Portland, OR to do her internship and decided she never wanted to leave.  In the meantime, several months ago, she had mentioned to me that she would need a roommate in the spring.  Hmmm...that is exactly when my lease would be ending.  I told her to let me see where life was taking me around that time and I may just seriously consider it. we are....5 or 6 months after that conversation.  There is nothing tying me to Asheville and no reason for me not to explore.  [Enter Jason, the boyfriend]. A lot of you who are aware of my current relationship status may assume that I am moving for Jason which is not the case.  Here is the brief story of Jason and I:

Jenn and I went to Hawaii with her parents in June of 2009.  Jason and I met there and have emailed since then. Jason lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Two and a half years later, this past September, he came to spend the week in Asheville.  It was the first time we had seen each other in 2.5 years! Things went really well and I went to visit him in Vancouver for 10 days over Thanksgiving.  That went really well so he flew in Christmas night and spent 2 weeks with me.  That went really well. Now, he is flying in to drive for a week across the country with me. We will still be about 6 hours away from each other. Bummer....but better.

At this point, there really is no reason for me not to venture out.  I have an awesome roommate waiting for me, SEVERAL career opportunities keep appearing before me, I have an opportunity to drive across the country and I have a significant other living on that side of the continent. 

 Worst Case Scenario: I get to drive across the country, get a feel for west coast livin' and rack up memories that I can never, ever get back.  Will I miss my family and friends and feel scared at times? Holy cow, absolutely!! Still, I can't NOT take the opportunity due to fear.  I can always come home, but I can't always get this opportunity back.'s to new experiences, dreaming big, being a free spirit, being bold while always knowing that I have a place to come back to should I fall flat on my face.  HERE'S TO HAVING ROOTS AND WINGS! Thank you in advance for your support. Stay tuned for more updates. xoxoxo - Tess.

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  1. Sounds like you have a pretty solid case. But, the east coast will miss you. You are a Palmetto girl through and through if ever there was one, but I can't say I won't be jealous of all the fun you'll get to have on this adventure. And, you'll always have a home here in case life doesn't turn out the way you hope :-) Please take LOTS of pictures and blog often. Or we'll hunt you down.....