Thursday, March 22, 2012

We finally arrived in Huntersville, NC around 9pm to see my best friend, Sonya, her boyfriend Jacob and his roommate Ryan.  We had no issues other than a noise we couldn’t quite figure out – the constant locking and unlocking of the doors on their own accord.  Jason proudly announced that he fixed it the next morning, “I jiggled some wires. I think we’re good.”  I don’t believe that he meant it at the time, but we haven’t had the issue since.  We all sat around and mingled for about 2 hours.  It was nice and relaxing as we were all feeling exhausted – them from St. Patty’s Day shenanigans the day before and Jason and I for obvious reasons (refer to previous post). 

We got up around 8am the day which was Monday morning.  Our next destination was Newnan, GA to see my other best friend, Liz, and her husband, Jonathan.  I wanted to stop at the Vortex with Jason before we made it to Newnan.  It is a unique pub/restaurant in Little Five Points in Atlanta, GA.  If you are ever nearby, check it out.  Man v. Food from the Travel Channel was there as well trying out different things from the food menu including the ‘Elvis.’  I, like millions of others, felt the need to share my current location status with hundreds of others on Facebook.  My friend from college, Andy, saw my post and said that he lived just next door.  He rode his bike on over and the three of us sat down to have a beer before moving down to Newnan.  He had just gotten back from Europe with his girlfriend 1pm the day before!

Around 8pm, we arrived into the cute little town of Newnan.  Liz and Jonathan were great hosts offering to help us unload the vehicle and have the upstairs prepared for us.  Jason and I pulled out the guitar in an attempt to entertain with playing and singing but, apparently, we didn’t have it in us.  Instead, the four of us sat down talked about music and technology (well, mostly Jonathan talked about technology and we tried to understand it).  Like the night before, we didn’t get to socialize as much as we would have liked due to lack of time and energy; however, it was so nice to see them on the way out!

Jason and I got up at 6am Tuesday and went for a run around the neighborhood.  That involved more than throwing on running shoes and a t-shirt as my running clothes were buried somewhere in the bottom of the chaos that was and is the inside of this Jeep Liberty.  After pulling everything out of the car, taking clothes from the bottom suitcase, repacking the car, we finally headed out for the run.  There were lots of beautiful streets and flowers blooming and felt good to stretch the legs before sitting down in the car for what we knew would be the longest day of driving so far. We showered, had a quick cup of coffee and had breakfast at the Redneck Gourmet per Liz and Jonathan’s recommendation (we both had the veggie omelet and it was fantastic….other than the unexpected potty break I needed as a result).  And, on that note, we were off to Alabama….

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